Turtle Was Singing My Poem

Turtle Was Singing My Poem 150 150 modir

It was neither your poem
nor any one asian brides online else’s.
Fallen on its back,
the wretched shell-back turtle
was singing my poem,
and with each stanza a renewed rhythm:

Someone’s fallen upside down!
Someone’s stabbed in the back!

He looks over his head
where the wind is carrying your footsteps,
and the waves are washing away all traces of you.
Turtle is singing my poem,
singing with the refrain:
Help me back again.

(c)Mohammad Tolouei

translated by Farzaneh Doosti & Martin Turner

A Fish in the Water

A Fish in the Water 150 150 modir

40608 - A Fish in the WaterA Fish in the Water

Memoir of Mario Vargas Llosa

Translated to Persian by Khojasteh Kayhan

Saless Publications, 2014

From The Forgotten Kisses of the Last Tryst

From The Forgotten Kisses of the Last Tryst 150 150 modir

From your hands no fist,
from your throat no splashing cry.
Roaming with your own rebellious Over the Counter Viagra – Enhance Your Sex Performance… steps
You are more revolutionary than Che Guevara.
It suffices that you smile,
pour your wrath out through your teeth
or with a mere gesture prostrate all the bayonets.

Girl of a thousand years
in my bosom’s revolution,
I could have sent you kisses
packed in cartridge belt boxes,
or through letters which would never arrive.
Let them all say armed movements
Are doomed to defeat
You but take your gun out and fire me.

Mohammad Tolouei
tr. Farzaneh Doosti & Martin Turner