Mohammad Tolouei

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Anatomy of Depression

A girl approached and stood before him. She was the same subway girl with the same blue scarf, the patterns on the scarf being disheveled and yet effaced like patterns on the carpet his mother used to weave. You had to take a close look to distinguish its disheveled patterns. The girl looked around and finding no one around, she started to unbutton her gown for Esfandyar.

About Anatomy of Depression

A euthanasia kit, a million dollars cash, an egocentric nonagenarian seeking revenge, a small-town youth and a young business-woman. These are the main ingredients of Anatomy of Depression, a novel about sorrow caused by the cult of money and success. With a bittersweet story and a good dose of suspense Tolouei recounts people’s massive dysphoria in Iran under sanctions and paints a powerful portrait of Tehran as a gloomy and adventurous metropolis.


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