15 Mar

Anatomy of Depression Released in Persian

Mohammad Tolouei’s recent novel, Anatomy of Depression, hits Persian book market.

Anatomy of Depression is Tolouei’s fourth book of fiction for adults, after Fair Wind’s PreyI’m Not Janette, and Lessons by Father. Composed of three episodes, namely ‘The Wandering Train,’ ‘Doors of Perception,’ and ‘The Suspension Bridge,’ it accounts hard times of three characters who affect each other’s lives in different ways and finally withdraw to their own solitude.

The book is released by Tolouei’s exclusive publisher: Ofoq.

20 Oct

Mohammad Tolouei at Frankfurt Book Fair

On the third day of Frankfurt Book Fair 2014, Mohammad Tolouei recited a part of his latest novel Anatomy of Depression for the attendees at Iran Pavillion. The novel deals with the depression of Iranian youth in their everyday modern urban life. The novel is set in three episodes andpursues the lives of three main characters. Ofoq Publications is going to release the Persian edition in 200 pages. The Italian translation of the novel will also be published by Feltrinelli.