Art & Odd Jobs

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    • Ufortunately, directed by Shahrokh Dolkou (2016)
    • Dreams in Depth, directed by Armin Isarian, premiered in 16th Shanghai Film Festival / shanghai
    • Buffari 4
    • The Return, directed by Shahrokh Dolku, premiered in the 28th Fajr Film Festival / Tehran
    • Shiraz Bahar 48, directed by Sareh Bathaei, nominated in the 21st National Festival of Iranian Youth Cinema. Tehran.
    • Nosrat, I’ve Heard You’re Taking Opium, Simia 1&2, Tehran.
    • Dog Training Manual, directed by Alireza Daryadel, nominated in the 2nd Ayeneh Festival.
    • Got the Hang of the Starter, directed by Sareh Bathaei, nominated in the 16th Festival of Iranian Youth Cinema


    • ۲۰۱۰      Mirza Reza’s Gun is on the Wall and Will Shoot in the Third Act. Directed by Mohammad  Ashkanfar. 27th Fajr Theater Festival.
    • ۲۰۰۷     In the Shade of Sputnik. Recited at  the Experimental Theater Spring. Faculty of Fine Arts, the University of Tehran.
  • 8231 cw5gIn4w 206x300 - Art & Odd JobsMEMOIRS OF THE ACROBAT

    • Mohammad Tolouei
    • Collection of Poems
    • Simsa Publications
    • Rasht: 2003
  • Series: City Stories

    Ofoq Publications. Editor: Mohammad Tolouei

    • The Story of Isfahan – stories by Asghar Abdollahi, Jafar Modares Sadeghi, Keyhan Khanjani, Nasibeh Fazlellahi, Mohammad Tolouei and Arash Sadeghbeigi


    Series: First Brick

    Negah Publications. Editor: Mohammad Tolouei


    Series: History of Iranian Civilization

    Ofoq Publications. Editor: Mohammad Tolouei


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