01 Jul

The Novel and Everyday Life

10955350_799224920146720_762601150720252315_nOn February 04, 2015 Mohammad Tolouei will be making a speech on the Novel and Everyday Life at the Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran. Dr Amir Ali Nojoumian and Dr Ahmad Shakeri will be the other speakers in the seventh of a series of critical sessions on ‘Art and Everyday Urban Life’.

20 Dec

Real Madrid Travels to Hamadan's House of Novel

Late November, Hamadan’s newly-founded House of Novel hosted Mohammad Tolouei for a two-day writing workshop and critical session on his teen novel ‘Real Madrid’.

On the first day, Tolouei recited a chapter from Real Madrid for the audiences which was followed by their criticism and viewpoints on the plausibility of events and narrative features of the novel.

A day after, Tolouei made a speech in the House of Novel on his personal experience of novel writing. “I prefer to talk about the deadend of writing rather than writing itself,” he remarked, recommending Alain de Botton’s Consolations of Philosophy as a book which helps the writers to face their failures.

Sources of inspiration was another key lead in his speech. Writers often mke use of two types of first-hand and second-hand experiences for writing their works. The first is what you experience with the totality of your spiritual and physical forces, and the second is what you perceive not as your personal experience, but mediated towards you through film, fiction, music, etc. The professional writer learns to make a balance between the two types of experience, he added.

The writer’s word power and frequency of applied vocabulary, the two poles of maximalist and minimalist writing, personal style of writing, and the necessity to read old literary texts were other subjects Tolouei discussed during the session with members of Hamadan’s House of Novel.